Commercial Refrigerators

A commercial refrigerator or equipment going out in nothing to take lightly or simply a minor inconvenience. West Palm AC Repair & Installation knows that this can hard financial consequences for your business and even the products that you may supply your customers in Palm Beach County. For this reason alone, it is critical that you always turn to the best at these moments.

Think of the impact that a refrigerator malfunctioning may have on a restaurant, or a hospital; these are things that have to be handle diligently and quickly. Either way, these maintain a large stock of produce, and a few hours of malfunction can cost ten of thousands of dollars.West Palm AC Repair & Installation will always be able to handle this smoothly and get your commercial refrigerator up and running quickly.

With West Palm AC Repair & Installation you never have to worry about how large or small you business is, just take peace in knowing that we are experts, with 20 years of experience in handling exactly these types of situations all over Palm Beach County.

Whether your relays, fan motor, thermostat, compressor fan switch, fan blades or overlords are bad or simply are having Freon issues, we have it under control. We are professional, reliable, and fast at getting you back to business. All our jobs are top priority.

Every company will encounter an emergency at one time or another, and that is when you should turn to West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation. We always will provide your business with any emergency AC Repair & Installation services which may be needed, 365 days of the year. Call us and we are on our way!!!

We always offer 90 days warranty on our labor and 1 year on our parts so that our clients may rest in peace knowing that they are covered and the job was done right the first time. Also, we encourage all our clients to be proactive and let us design a long term maintenance plan to ensure the long lifespan for your equipment in good service. Prevention is still the best medicine.

Service Satisfaction
Our goal everyday is to provide your business the ultimate satisfaction with our work and services. We have maintained this same goal for over 20 years in Palm Beach County and all across West Palm Beach. A satisfied customer is a long term relationship that we always strive for, so for all your needs just call West Palm beach AC Repair & Installation.