Commercial AC Repair & Installation

It does matter where in Palm Beach County your Commercial Property is, Wellington, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Boyton Beach, or Lake Worth; simply give us a call and we are there. We know that you may need your Commercial AC Repair & Installation work in any part of town since the whole county is a hot bath, so we service every inch of the county. Not having a fully functional Commercial AC System can affect the productivity of your employees and therefore hurt your business, as it is a proven fact that the heat will discourage and slow employee work productivity. Not only does it affect your employees but customers are not going to want to be in your location for too long if having to be in the heat. So without a good Commercial AC unit, you are losing money by the minute and if the AC breaks down this is the exact scenario that you will find yourself in. Good thing for you is that you have West Palm Beach Commercial AC Repair & Installation just a quick call away and we will not make you wait… we are on the way!!!  Our fast response air conditioning service team will be out to service your business in no time.

Some of the AC services we offer are the following:

  1. AC Repairs- if you should ever have any issues or breakdown to your Commercial AC unit in West Palm Beach County, then you can always call us and know that our quick response team is on the way and you location will be back to normal in no time.
  2. AC Installation- Whether you do not currently have a Commercial AC unit or simply need a new one installed, West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation can take care of that for you. Ask us about our Financing plans.
  3. Energy efficiency enhancement- Many times just due to the age or condition of your unit, you may be throwing money away on electricity. Let us look at your AC and do an upgrade, calibration, or repair it so that it runs at its most efficient level. Save on you energy bill!!
  4. Data room cooling- In today’s technologically advanced work environments, many offices have their own servers and computer rooms. We all know that this equipment gets very hot and needs to be maintained at an optimal cool level. Many times it takes a special AC to accomplish this, but we have the know how to let you know what your best option is. West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation service team will set up a commercial AC unit that has computer room specific control and settings, so you never have to worry about your company mainframe and IT center going down.
  5. 24 hour service- West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation is always available to answer your phone call but more importantly to go do a service call. Anywhere in West Palm Beach County that you may have your business located at is where we go. We will get you back in business.

Warranty on our work!!!
Being that we have Certified Trained Technicians only available for yor service, we always offer a warranty on our labor for 90 days and on our parts for 1 year. Relax as you called West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation specialist!!!